5 Quick exercise routines for mother-daughter duo

We all know that the best way to teach our children healthy habits is to lead by example. Children learn from what you do and not what you say. Here are some fun exercises that you and your daughter can do together!

5 Quick exercise routines for mother-daughter duo

Mom daughter duo doing yoga at home during quarantine

  1. My daughter and I enjoy doing a YouTube yoga video together called Yoga for Relaxation with Adriene. We both benefit from stretches that destress and refresh our bodies and minds.
  2. We love to walk our little dogs Bengie and Murphy to get so we can all get some fresh air and exercise. Having a purpose for the walk other than just togetherness and exercise will make your child less resistant. It's fun to notice what dogs notice like these Canada geese!
  3. It's such a great workout to shovel the snow on driveway and deck for the puppies to enjoy.  It is important to get fresh air because it strengthens the immune system by allowing your child an escape from indoor germs and bacteria and helps form a resistance to allergies.
  4. Kids are like monkeys. Monkey see, monkey do. Teaching your child to love something you do sets a good example for her/him to follow.  My little daughter likes to run on the treadmill after I do my run! Child exercising to stay active
  5. By encouraging children to step away from the couch or computer, and get moving during commercials of their favorite TV show. During the commercial break, each person picks an exercise and everyone completes it until the TV show comes back on. We have so much fun doing our own stretches and exercises during the commercials of our favorite TV shows.Mother daughter duo doing fun exercises at home


So parents start today. Eat in a healthy way and exercise. Be a good role model for your children by doing activities together. Have fun! 

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