Be the Happiest Version of Yourself

A happy and healthy mindset can sometimes be tough to keep up (especially during stressful times!), but it’s important to strive to feel as mentally sound as possible and to spread happy energy to those around you. A good mindset will help you make more calculated decisions and make every day more fulfilling. Happiness is contagious, so try your best to warm those around you with yours! 

I’ve collected a few tips that have helped me on my journey to becoming the happiest version of myself. I suggest you take these tips and check in on yourself and your own habits.

  1. Practice mindfulness. Be mindful of your own emotions and actions. Understanding how things make you feel will allow you to get fuller control of your emotions. Once you've begun your journey of mindfulness, it will be easier to realize how your actions and words affect others. 
  2. Exercise often. Exercising stimulates the release of happy chemicals into your brain while decreasing stress levels. The endorphins released can lead to a feeling of euphoria after a tough workout. Try doing some exercise in the mornings: you will feel more energized and happy throughout the day!
  3. Surround yourself with people and things you love. Remember to make time for doing the things that make you happiest often! Try planning some activities in advance like baking on Sunday morning, going for a nice walk, or going to an event with friends! This way you will have something to look forward to throughout the week. Try to only keep objects and mementos around that make you happiest and mean the most to you: decluttering can clear the mind.
  4. Be present. It can be so easy to overthink every action you take. Whether that be dwelling on a conversation you had earlier in the day or worrying about tomorrow, it is important to focus on the present sometimes to better experience the world around you.
  5. Let it out. Keep track of your thoughts. If you find yourself caught up on a bad grade or hurtful comment, it’s important to get it out in some way. Whether that be through writing in a journal or talking to your best friend or sister, working through what is on your mind will give you a sense of ease and clarity.
  6. Ask for clarification and forgiveness. Waiting around for things to solve themselves will likely only prolong your stress. For example, if you are unsure about how someone feels after you’ve had a disagreement, or if you aren’t sure whether you’ll be forgiven, just ask. Forgiveness and open communication are some of the healthiest things for a relationship and your mental wellbeing. You’ll gain a trust and understanding of that person so it will be easier to talk openly when something is wrong in the future. 
  7. Smile and give hugs! Giving and receiving hugs is an amazing way to boost your mood. Not only are hugs great for strengthening a relationship, they release oxytocin levels which leave you feeling less stressed. Holding a hug for an extended time will stimulate the release of serotonin, boosting your happiness! As well, just the act of smiling alone can also make you feel happier!

Make sure you take charge of whatever you are feeling and confront it rather than suppressing it. Working through upsetting things quickly, and avoiding dwelling on them makes a world of difference.

I hope these tips will help you lead your happiest life!



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