Keeping your family active during the long winter months is essential to maintaining fitness and well-being, but getting outside is not inviting when the air is cold and your yard is filled with snow, but we don’t have to hibernate just because the mercury dips.  It’s time to dust off your skis and breakout the ice skates!

Here are some great indoor and outdoor activities perfect to keep you active in the winter time: 



A winter tradition - all you need is a hill and snow, plus there’s no need to worry about pricy lift tickets or equipment. 

Ice Skating

Taking the kids ice skating is a great option. You don’t even have to live near frozen ponds to enjoy this winter pastime, as indoor skating rinks are available in many metro areas.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Hitting the slopes with your family is one of the best aspects of living in a winter wonderland. With great discounts at many ski resorts for children, it can be a great day for the whole family. 
Plus, you get the excuse to snuggle up next to the fire and warm up with hot chocolate and fireside stories after. 


Dance Off

Stuck inside because of the storm outside? Crank up the tunes! Not only is dancing a great way to get up and moving, but it also embraces creativity and playfulness in young girls.

Turn to Video Games
Tons of new video game consoles like Nintendo’s Wii allows you to use video games as a source for keeping your kids active. Whether you’re playing Wii Tennis or Dance Dance Revolution, there is sure to be a game to keep them happy and moving.

Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a great option for keeping the kids active in winter. Many climbing gyms have designated kid areas and bouldering zones that have padded floors, making it safe and fun. Parents can either stay fit along side their children at the gym or sit back and relax.

Hot Yoga:
There is nothing quite like being in a heated room when the outdoors is anything but warm. You can burn more calories from the heat with the added benefit of finding inner calm and ease from the yoga poses. 

Indoor Trampoline:
The ideal activity for any kid (or parent) . A great sport that gets you bouncing and active, while still being fun . Practice some aerial moves, play extreme sports or just jump away! 


Don’t get cooped up just because it's winter time! Take advantage of the weather for some seasonal activities or get creative indoors to stay active and healthy regardless of the weather. 
Share with us some of your favorite winter sports!

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