December 24, 2014 1 min read

We’re all aware of the perks of yoga, including the spiritual and physical benefits. For young girls who face constant change and stress, yoga can be the key to body-love, energy, better sleep and a sense of calm. The youngest certified yoga teacher in the US, Jaysea Devoe is an inspiring individual hoping to share her love of yoga and nature with others.

Only 12 years old, Jaysea has completed her 200 hours of yoga training and teaches teens, tweens, as well as young kids ages 4 to 6 in California.  She currently works in a donation based yoga studio and has recently started a new family class teaching moms and dads.  Jaysea is a beautiful example of a young girl  living and doing what she loves. Emboldened by nature and spirituality, Jaysea is motivating young girls and adults with her passion for yoga.

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