10 Things to do in November

When a new month arrives, it's good to have goals and complete them so we feel like we had a good and productive month. This post is dedicated to mothers, fathers and daughters (from toddlers to pre-teens).

We have 10 encouraging ideas that parents can do with their children and pre-teens throughout the month of November, to prepare for the crazy month of December.

1. Plan a date to donate food or volunteer work to help other people in need. Right now in Calgary (and other cities), the Veteran food drive is extremely low. Why not knock on your neighbors' door or call your friends to see if they can donate dry goods. Once gathered them all, take the boxes and containers of dry goods to help out the Veterans in need.

2. Create about 10 (or any number you wish) "blessing bags" to give to homeless people in your city. Plan a trip to the dollar store or warehouses and carefully choose things that will help people in need. The cold winter is coming, so it's the best to think of warm and useful things that they can use to help themselves get through the harsh Canadian weather on the streets.

Ideas for adults

- hats, mittens, toques, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, band-aids, snacks, change for bus rides, qtips, lotion, socks, notepads, pens, deodorant, hand/feet warmers, wipes...etc.

Ideas for children:

- hats, mittens, toques, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, band-aids, snacks, change, small toys, coloring book, crayons or felts, small stuffed animals, books...etc.

3. Adopt-A-Family - There are many families in need and there are organizations that help people to find families that they can help and support during the holidays. Here is a LINK for a great organization for Calgarians if you want to look into it. 

4. Early Shopping List - December flies by so fast so it is easier to plan our shopping list in the month of November. That way we can decide where we will shop and who we are buying for. Nothing wrong with starting Christmas shopping early, a great way to avoid the holiday shopping craziness in December!

5. Book your Christmas activities ASAP. December is full of awesome and fun family activities for the holidays and they book up fast, so November is a great month to research what you and your family want to do and to book them.

These are what we have found so far (there are many amazing activities around Calgary and locally) NOTE* Some events are already happening THIS month! 

  • Santa Claus Parade of Lights (November 19th, Banff - 5:30 to 7)
  • Airdrie  Santa Claus Parade (December 3rd, Airdrie - 5 to 6)
  • Disney on Ice (November 16th, Stampede Corral)
  • Russia Nutcracker (November 16th, Jack Lee Singer Hall, Calgary 7pm)
  • Once Upon a Christmas (Weekends of November 19th through to December 18th at Heritage Park)
  • Polar Express Train Ride (November 25th to December 24th at Aspen Crossing)

6. Plan a day to make handmade Christmas tree ornaments with your little ones! Children and preteens love to spend time with parents doing crafts, this is a great opportunity to have to spend more time with family members.

7. Games Night! Nothing more fun than playing board games or card games with your favorite ones. This way it helps the excitement for Christmas holidays to come faster!

8. Plan a Christmas baking day! This way you can get a lot of baking done with help from family members and put them away to freeze and bring them out on the holidays! Easy and delicious! 

9. Plan a special holiday book. There is no other great way of collecting memories from the previous holidays and making them into a memorable book to give away to loved family members and friends. We love this online company, Mixbook where you can choose your own images and upload them online and choose your own designs and book then company will publish and send them to you. Order them in time before Christmas to give them away as gifts! 

10. Shop for some great holiday clothing for your girls from LIMEAPPLE! We have amazing collection of clothing for girls aged from 2T to 14. Faux fur, activewear (for gymnastics, dance and skating etc...), swimwear (if you are planning to go on a tropical holidays during Winter), holiday boutique dresses and many more! Spend time with your daughters online carefully choosing that they would love to wear and get them shipped before Christmas! 



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