Make this the perfect summer with a list of must-do activities with your friends! 

1.    Picnic – This is a definite old favorite. Pack a cute lunch with your friends and bike up to your favourite park. You can set up a blanket and enjoy your food while enjoying nature and each other’s company. It gives you a chance to get outside in the summer, ride your bike and try new recipes. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

2.    Wildlife Documenting - Go on an adventure and take notes of what you find. Find your inner Discovery Channel and video tape your journey.  Find inspiration in nature and the summer air.

3.    Go Canoeing – Grab your friends and go kayaking or canoeing.  Bring a life vest, your favorite snack or book and just drift.  This is incredibly relaxing and serene.  You can de-stress while enjoying the sun and the outdoors.

4.    Hiking - This is the best way to explore our world while getting fit. There are many great hiking locations everywhere so grab some healthy snacks, sneakers and water and get ready for your adventure. Be prepared for silly times and bonding moments with your friends.

5.    Journaling - Let your creativity flow. You can put stories, pictures, recipes- whatever you want in it. Get a blank journal, some colored pens and have fun with it. There are no rules - you can doodle, write or destroy it. Put pressed flowers and leaves from your adventures in it, so you can look back at what you found and preserved. It’s the perfect way of capturing your summer

6.    Carnival- The bustling of people, carnival sounds and smells of pretzels and cotton candy embodies summer like nothing else.  Look for a summer carnival coming to your city, or take a road trip to the nearest one and score a carnival prize! 

7.    DIY – With school out, you can practice a lot of DIY crafts with your friends. Be creative outside the classroom. You can personalize clothing, furniture or anything you find cute. Pinterest is a great place for ideas and inspiration. I will definitely share some summer DIY’s with you in future posts as I am working on clothes right now.

8.    Cook – Have a BBQ (everybody’s summer favorite). Try new things. Make things you can take hiking or camping, or surprise your parents with that five star meal you have been perfecting. Nothing beats homemade popsicles or ice cold drinks in the summertime. 

9.    Take a Class - This is your chance to try something new without the stress. Take a class in something you would never think you would do, like wheel pottery or cake baking. There are a lot of crazy and interesting classes you can take over the summer that will give you great memories and help you gain cool skills.

10.  Camp - Go camping and have an adventure in nature. Connect with nature while the weather is still warm. You can bond with friends and have an amazing time. If you can go out camping, have a mini camping trip in your backyard. It will still be a blast, and you’ll have access to clean bathrooms. Soak in the stars, marshmallows and the smell of campfire. This is summer in a nutshell.  

This is what we wait all year for. I hope you try some of these things over the summer before school rolls around again. Let us know what your favorite summer activity with your friends is! 

Love, Arden 

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