Back To School Tips & Tricks

We all know that getting back into the back to school routine can be difficult. You've had the summer off to run around, eat lunch whenever, grocery shop whenever, nap as much as you wanted, and play as much as you wanted. To get back to that school routine easy-peasy, try and keep these tips and tricks in mind. 

We have also added some easy and healthy lunch recipes for you to pack them each day! 

1. Make lunches easy and prepare them the evening before! 

Make lunches easy and healthy with the below recipe ideas, and to prevent that morning scramble, make the lunches the evening before. Make it a family affair and everyone can help pack them! 

a) Pinwheels and fruit: kids love meat and cheese, but add some flare to this classic sandwich by rolling it up into a tortilla wrap and cutting it into smaller bites so it looks like a pinwheel. For a side add some delicious fruit, or a oat bar. 

b) Homemade Lunchable - we all know that kids love those lunchable kids, but sometimes they aren't the healthiest or even the most cost friendly. Make their lunch time more enjoyable with a homemade lunchable. Divide the items in a divided container, or use cupcake wrappers - they do the trick just as well! Fill each quadrant with whatever they can make a mini sandwich out of. Some crackers, meat, cheese, some sliced tomatoes, and for that extra touch give them a cookie, or muffin for dessert. 

c) Hummus, Veggies and Pita - This super healthy and energizing lunch can be made all organically, and vegan. Add some humus, some cut up veggies and some cut up pitta into a container. If you don't think this is enough for a full lunch time, don't forget this can be used as a snack as well! 

d) Kid Friendly Trail Mix - some kids can be picky when it comes to trail mix,  they don't like the raisins, or particular nuts. If you are looking for that healthy, but fun snack that you can make at home, then a great  go to can be trail mix! Fill it with nuts they like, pretzels, cheerios, maybe some M & Ms for some color, and some goldfish. This healthy, and fun mix can be the perfect easy snack to add to their lunchbox each day. 

e) That Fun Lunch Waffle Surprise - Wouldn't every child love to open their lunch box and see some waffles! And it can still be healthy. Take some blueberry (or even chocolate chip) waffles, and pair it with some fruit, and some nuts, for a hardy and lunch that they are sure to enjoy. Don't forget you can give them some jam to spread over the waffles instead of sugary syrup. 

2. Prepare the night before

The morning routine can be so busy, especially when everyone over sleeps. Prevent the morning scramble by packing all backpacks and lunches the night before. This can prevent from items being left behind, and from a morning scramble that can leave everyone frustrated. To help even more have the children lay out the outfits that they would like to wear the next day the night before. 

3. Homework routine

We know that children have been at a desk most of the day and the last thing they want to do when they get home is homework. Find what works best for their extra circular activities, and their personality and develop a homework routine. Whether they can have 1 hour to themselves of play time when they get home and then homework is completed between 5-6pm, or if homework is to be completed right when they get home. This can prevent fights, and tantrums to get them to do their homework - as it becomes part of their routine, it will become easier for them. 

4. Have a positive outlook

Kids can pick up on parents moods, and they can rub off on them. Try and remain positive, and don't show them the stress of getting them out the door in the morning. Be positive about the day and they are more likely to be positive about it as well. 

5. Feed them a delicious and nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal for a learning and growing child. Make sure in the morning to feed them healthy, and plenty of food so that their little minds are ready to go when they arrive at school. Try and avoid having them eat a muffin in the car as you are racing out the door. The settled, and well fed mind is more likely to perform better at school. 

6. Meal prep for dinner

We all know as the week goes on it seems to be harder to sit down as a family to have dinner, let alone spend an hour cooking a full meal. Try and cook twice a week, and pack everything into containers. Lots of meals can be cooked ahead of time including chicken, pitas, stews, pastas, even salads can be prepped ahead of time. Reduce the stress and one extra thing to do each night and try and cook on Sunday evenings, and Thursday nights, or whichever works best for your schedule. This will help with grocery shopping too - you should know exactly what you are going to buy! 

7. Keep bedtime consistent 

It's all about routine, routine, routine! Whether they are tired or not send them to bed. They are welcome to read a book in bed if they wish, but the whole purpose is that they are in their room preparing to shut down. 

We hope that these tips for both parents and children have been help to the back to school year! 

BEST WISHES in your new grades! 

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