It's already Father's Day this weekend, which means that summer is quickly approaching and you're scrambling for ideas for what to do with Dad.  The hype around Father's Day seems somewhat bleak compared to Mom's, but we're here to help! Here are some ways to make this weekend extra special for your Dad.

CAMP DAD: Take it outdoors. This weekend, you can start a tradition with your dad. Roast marshmallows, stargaze, share campfire stories and explore the wild - it's the perfect getaway for fresh air, new scenery and some quality time with Dad. 

CHEF DAD: We all know that one dad who loves to experiment in the kitchen - sometimes the end result is worth it and sometimes not so much.  Treat your dad to some cooking lessons - the perfect opportunity to try something new and bond.  You can always take your dad to dinner, but taking the time to get creative together is an extra special gift.

SPORTS DAD: This is for the Dad who cheers a little too loudly at your sporting events, and the ones who fight you for the remote on game nights. Taking Dad out to his favorite sporting event will definitely score you some major points. 

KID-AT-HEART DAD:  Taking your dad to an amusement park, or a carnival will be fun for the both of you.  These are the Dads who love a good rollercoaster ride and sweets just as much as we do.

Where does your Dad fit in ? Get outdoors and think outside the box and treat your dad to a special  weekend that he won't forget.

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