This week marks the beginning of our NO SWEAT mini series, featuring female athletes across a range of sports. Tune in every day to see who we feature next! 

Today, we're featuring soccer athlete Alex Morgan.   Born in California, she started soccer at 14, and was a multisport athlete growing up, playing everything from snowboarding to volleyball, soccer, track and yoga.  Alex was drafted first overall in 2011 to the Women's Professional Soccer team where she went on to score her first World Cup goal in the semifinals against France taking them to finals.  A passionate athlete and hardworker, Alex also graduated from the University of California at Berkeley a semester early with a degree in politcal economics.  Now, in 2015, Morgan has 49 goals in her first 77 games, making her soon to be the 10th woman in US history to reach 50 career goals. Alex Morgan is an amazing athlete and role model for young girls to aspire to.  

Who's your favorite athlete? 



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